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A nice find!

WW1 connections

One of my great uncles served in World War One as a member of the 1st AIF 10th Battalion. This Battalion was made up of largely South Australian soldiers. My Uncle (James Marquis Cairns) was an Eaglehawk boy who was working in Broken Hill as a miner at the time WW1broke out. He joined a train load of volunteers from Broken Hill who travelled to Adelaide to enlist. Some years ago I conducted some research at the National War Memorial in Canberra and managed to find a few pages from a history of the 10th Battalion which detailed some of the escapades of this group of soldiers, including the stories of their landing at Gallipoli on April 25th 1915. There were two books written about this Battalion in the years immediately following WW1 and they reman the only definitive works which describe the exploits of these men.

A couple of months ago a friend had done some work gathering together some of the military history of his grandfather and I was reminded at the time that I should try and track down these publications if they were available.

As we wandered along North Terrace in search of some of the historic buildings of Adelaide we came across an Antiquarian book shop.


I mused with Vic about whether or not, being a South Australian book shop, they might have a copy of one or other of these two publications.

There had been an auction of books the previous day so the place was a bit disorganised. It turns out they had an original copy of one of the publications but it had sold for hundreds of dollars the previous day. However, if I was interested they did have a facsimile copy of both publications in a single compendium which was published in 2013. Needless to say I was more than happy to make the purchase.

What a remarkable find.



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Adelaide on the Torrens

Along the riverbanks

As a new comer to Adelaide I wasn't sure what to expect. We are staying on North Terrace which is a block from the River Torrens and very close to the middle of the CBD. Adelaide is not a big or tall city by comparison to some and whilst it is plenty busy we've had had no great issues getting around either in a vehicle or on foot.

When we arrived on Sunday afternoon we got our accommodation organised and then headed on foot in search of some sights.


River Torrens views


Adelaide Oval

On Monday morning I was up early and headed for a run along the River bank. it was mild with a little bit of drizzle. It was my first run in thee weeks and it felt great to be blowing out the cobwebs in such a lovely place

I finished my run on near a lovely art installation in the river called Talking our way home, by artist Shaun Kirby




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Mildura to Adelaide

On the road again

Our trip to South Australia began with a dropping Sally off at Kym and Brett's house. This involved a quick circuit of Bamawm where we also dropped of some mail at Josh's house, then stalked Kym who was most of the way through a 25.7km training run on her way to full Marathon in June.

Vic and I have decided to continue our recent trend of walking and running every day during our holiday so Vic got in the spirit early with a few steps in support of Kym's run


Then it was on the road to for our first stopover in Mildura which took us about 5 hours driving. Having had a late lunch we checked into our hotel and went for a wander along the Murray and around the town.



Sunday morning we were up and away and heading to Adelaide


We discovered as we crossed the border that the good folk of South Australia take the protection of their fruit crops very seriously and we had to surrender our bananas and apples


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Heading west

An unexpected holiday

What a fantastic and unexpected surprise for Vic and I when I managed to buy the wining ticket in the Community Living and Respite Services raffle at the fundraising dinner in late February.

I was amazed and a little shocked to discover that I won a $3000 travel voucher from Echuca Travel Centre which was generously donated by Kon & Kathy Kostoglou who operate two pharmacies in Echuca and are great supporters of CLRS.


Vic and I talked about what we might do with this wonderful opportunity and decided rather than try and put it toward something bigger in the medium term future we would just take a couple of weeks as soon as we could and travel to South Australia.

We weren't to know when we made our plans that I was about to spend a couple of weeks away from work with illness so it was a relief when we were able to continue with our planned break and now it seems it was meant to be

So having headed off on this journey I thought I would put a few words and pics together in another travelling blog....

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